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What is the Rural Jump-start project?

The outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly affected all aspects of life across Europe. In addition to threatening our health, the pandemic is also posing serious challenges to our socio-economic systems. Especially in rural areas farmers, entrepreneurs and communities in general have been particularly and negatively affected with respect to their employment and production prospects. The project is conceived as a tool to promote and reboot entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector in rural areas, through the digital training of people and exchange of good practices, facilitating the learning of business management contents specifically adapted to the agribusiness, craft and the production of local goods by improving their competitiveness within the labor market through modernization and networking creation

Project Results

Local Action Report

Intended to be a collection of data and information in order to meet in an effective way the needs of the targeted groups with the aim of promoting and rebooting entrepreneurship in the agri-food and craft sector in rural areas.

Training Curriculum

Developing a specific formative guide focused on digital and entrepreneurial skills that the project wants to give participants in order to foster local entrepreneurship and disseminate local products in a more widely way taking into account all the information and data collected.

Online Platform

The development of an innovative cooperative platform aimed to address the specific needs of participants allowing them to develop key skills to use in rural areas' labour market and competences and, therefore, improve their position within the labor market much easier and with concrete and lasting results.


The Second Newsletter

Explore the latest insights in our 2nd Rural Jump-Start Newsletter, dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in agro-industrial sectors of rural areas. This edition unveils our comprehensive

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